Please, I have done so much wrong. Allow me to do one last thing right!

If I can die a hero in the service of Ferelden, then I do so gladly!

Catharina Elisabetta Maria
6 November 1980
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My current obsession!!! Baron Friedrich von Glower, a character I worship like there'll be no tomorrow! *G*

Anyway, about yours truly...

I'm a bit over 25 years old, live any- and everywhere (Currently Vienna, Austria, soon to relocate to either NYC or Oxford (Uk)...if everything goes well) and I am an obsession driven woman with a dark mind filled with tons of imagination, a little bit of love, lotsa snarky sarcasm, some humanity and a wee bit of arrogance.

I'd not call myself beautiful but I'll let ya be the judge of that:

I love many things, just check out my Interests here on LJ. I'm usually nice but once the claws are out, nothing escapes my wrath unscathed.

Well, that's it.

What, you are still here?

Go away! I have nothing more to say! *G*
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